Fairground Market Catering


PAN OF FOOD SERVES APPROXIMATELY 40                                                                 

 Parsley Red Potatoes                                                                                 $42.00
 Cheese Potatoes$45.00
 Rice Pilaf or Garden Blend Rice$40.00
 Green Bean Casserole$42.00
 Broccoli Casserole$45.00
 Linguini Salad$47.50
 Baked Beans$35.00
 Oven Baked Chicken (drumsticks, thighs, breasts, 100 pieces)$150.00 OR $1.50 ea
 BBQ Beef $7.99
 Meat & Cheese Tray (includes buns, lettuce, tomato)$3.00 / person
 Cole Slaw


 Potato Salad$42.00
 Macaroni Salad$42.00
 Fruit SaladSeasonal
 Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad$50.00
 Meatball Hoagie (includes bun & provolone cheese)$2.85 each
 Hot Sausage Hoagie (includes bun & peppers and onions)$2.75 each
 BBQ Pork $6.99 lb
 Marinated Grilled Chicken (4 - 6 oz piece boneless breast)$1.85 each
 Roasted Pig (feeds 75 - 100 people)

market price

 Seafood Coquille


 Croissants : Fully prepared with your choice of turkey, ham & roast beef           
                  or chicken, tuna & ham salads (includes lettuce & tomato)


2 OZ $2.69 ea
3 OZ $3.29 ea
 Coffee (creamers, cups, sugar, stirrers)                                                      100 cups$60.00
                                                                                                                50 cups$35.00
 5 Gallon Lemonade or Fruit Punch with cups (100 cup servings)$25.00
 Fairground Market Punch with cups$.40 per person 
 Pop & Water

 .75 per can



 Assorted Fruit & Cream Pies$1.50 per slice 
 Assorted Cheesecake$2.49 per slice 
 Gourmet Dessertscall for pricing 
 Assorted Sheetcakes (approximately 54 slices) $50.00
 Brownies$20.00 / tray
 Cookies$6.49 / dozen
 Apple Dumplings$2.99 each


 CAKE CUT & SERVED $100.00 
       Includes plates, napkins and forks 
       Cake must be cut within 1 hour of the conclusion of dinner 
       After 1 hour an additional charge will apply 
 China Rental$5.00/person 
 Premium Plastic Ware Upgrade